Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

PAC is pleased to provide its members an exclusive and comprehensive national Liability Insurance program for $69/Year , with the following features:

  •   Coverage in each participating member’s name – anywhere the member practices across the world – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
  •   Coverage for participating registered/licensed Emergency Medical Responders, Primary Care Paramedics, Advanced Care Paramedics and Critical Care Paramedics (or their equivalent) – in all jurisdictions throughout Canada.
  •   Each participating member will receive a copy of the “personal and portable” professional liability insurance coverage. This may be needed to initiate and renew their registration/license/practice permit with a provincial regulatory authority.
  •   Participating members may be employees, part-time workers, on leave, contractors, volunteers, retirees and other classifications.
  •   Coverage for professional conduct matters with a regulatory authority.
  •   Coverage will be provided for students, when they are supervised by a regulated member, for example during a clinical practicum.
  •   Participating members will have no-cost and unlimited access to legal assistance relating to professional practice matters.

There are major benefits, including access to group discounted rates, to buying insurance as a powerful national group. Liability insurance will be offered as part of a comprehensive program, which will strengthen the profession and lower members’ risk exposures – through education in risk assessment and reduction. For more information, download the comprehensive information package HERE .

Clicking the button below will take you to the application process. Be sure to have your PAC Provincial Chapter membership/registration number available as part of the registration process.