The National EMR Competency Profile is a consensus-based document. It is guided by data and expert opinion reflecting the skills, knowledge and abilities representing the minimum required competencies for EMR level practitioners. This document has been prepared with the understanding that the practice of the profession is regulated provincially, with each province determining the legislative authorities (“scope of practice”) of their practitioners.

This document is intended to be used to guide the development of educational standards, educational program approval processes, performance evaluation and assessment matrix, certification examinations, practice standards, legislative parctice authority (“scope of practice”), practice guidelines, continuing education/competence programs and regulatory policies and procedures.

Future National EMR competency profile updates should be driven by changes in professional expectations, changes in professional practice models, new medical science conclusions, changes in technology, and when evidence-based research conclusions are reached and published. Consistent with previous practice, PAC will be revisiting the contents of this document as needed and on a recurrent basis.

“PAC is committed to leading the profession of paramedicine, through a spirit of collaboration, a commitment to the vision and strong leadership. We will demonstrate honesty, integrity and transparency in our affairs, be accountable to the Chapters, and fairly represent Paramedics with a national focus. We are committed to the Renewal of the National Occupational Competency Profile (NOCP), the development of a National Examination, and the development of a National Registry.”