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The Vision of the Paramedic Association of Canada is to have Paramedicine recognized in primary health care. The Mission of the Paramedic Association of Canada is to provide quality care for the public through leadership in the advancement of the profession of paramedicine. Our values are integrated into the following statement:

PAC is comprised of nearly 30,000 paramedics from coast to coast to coast. The Association is a national organization of prehospital practitioners that exists to promote quality and professional patient care through working relationships among organizations with similar interests. Protection of the Public and development of the profession in the public interest is the foundation.

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“PAC is committed to leading the profession of paramedicine, through a spirit of collaboration, a commitment to the vision and strong leadership. We will demonstrate honesty, integrity and transparency in our affairs, be accountable to the Chapters, and fairly represent Paramedics with a national focus. We are committed to the Renewal of the National Occupational Competency Profile (NOCP), the development of a National Examination, and the development of a National Registry.”