2024 Awards of Excellence

Help us recognize exceptional Canadian paramedics

2023 PAC National Survey

Conducted for the Paramedic Association of Canada

The Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT): Hosting two day symposium

This 2-day symposium/showcase that is intended to raise a greater awareness among PSP about mental health and wellbeing along with some of the ways that the issue can be addressed. Specifically, the symposium will showcase the combined efforts of CIPSRT and its Public Safety Steering Committee (PSSC) and the research and initiatives that might be helpful.

The symposium/showcase will include highlights of the research outcomes and related national efforts in support of PSP mental health and wellbeing presented by PSP alongside invited national consortium researchers and other CIPSRT network members. Through these collaborative efforts, we hope to rapidly disseminate reliable solutions and enhance the well-being of PSP, their leaders, and their families.

PAC Awards of Excellence Program
Call for Nominations - 2024

The Paramedic Association of Canada has developed an awards program to recognize exceptional Canadian paramedics and paramedic supporters at the national level. These awards presentation will be held during the Paramedics Across Canada Expo in Halifax in September 2024

Canadians Are Ready for Paramedics to Do More in Healthcare: Abacus Data Poll

On behalf of the Paramedic Association of Canada, Abacus Data conducted an extensive online nationwide survey of Canadians’ views of healthcare and the role of paramedics.  The sample size was 3,150 adult Canadians and the survey was conducted from April 24 to 28, 2023.

Professional Liability Insurance

Brokered by

EQUA Specialty Risk Partners Corporation

Paramedics nationally*:
$72 premium/ year and $5 Insurer policy fee + taxes (increasing to $80 premium from Jan. 1, 2024).

Dispatchers & call trackers (BC, MB, SK):
$150 premium/ year and $5 insurer policy fee + taxes

*Please note that this program is not currently available in Quebec.

Clicking the Professional Liability Insurance button will take you to the application. Be sure to have your PAC Provincial Chapter membership/registration number available as part of the registration process.

If you are renewing an active PAC Program policy, do not complete this application. In that case, please use the link provided in your renewal notification email or contact EQUA Specialty Risk Partners Corporation at paramedics@equaspecialty.com.


Individuals who are members/registered with one of our Chapters are also members of the Paramedic Association of Canada. If you live in a Province/Territory that is not a chapter member, you are eligible to register as an Associate member of the PAC Member-at-Large Chapter.