Represent, Advance, Advocate

The Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC) is a voluntary professional organization of paramedicine practitioners. The PACs mission is to advance the profession throughout Canada. The PAC will also promote collegiality and advocate for the professional interests of paramedic practitioners.

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Voice of Canadian Paramedics

Founded in June, 1988 as the Canadian Society of Ambulance Personnel (CSAP), the PAC is the national voice of paramedicine which supports paramedicine practitioners in providing high quality health care to patients. The CSAP was transformed into the PAC in 1997. The PAC has a voluntary membership of over 14,000 paramedicine practitioners across Canada. Each member belongs to a provincial chapter and/or the Canadian Armed Forces.

Front Lines of Health Care

The Vision of the Paramedic Association of Canada is to have Paramedicine recognized in primary health care. The Mission of the Paramedic Association of Canada is to provide quality care for the public through leadership in the advancement of the profession of paramedicine.

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