How to Become a Member of the Paramedic Association of Canada

The over 20,000 members of the Paramedic Association of Canada is made up from members of the PAC Provincial Chapters:

British Columbia - Ambulance Paramedics of BC
Alberta - Alberta College of Paramedics
Manitoba - Paramedic Association of Manitoba
Ontario - Ontario Paramedic Association
Quebec - Corporation des Paramédics du Québec
New Brunswick - Paramedic Association of New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island - Paramedic Association of PEI
Newfoundland and Labrador - Paramedic Association of NL
Canadian Armed Forces - Royal Canadian Medical Service

Individuals who are members/registered with one of our Chapters are also members of the Paramedic Association of Canada. If you live in a Province/Territory that is not a chapter member, you are eligible to register as a member of the PAC Member-at-Large Chapter.


Member-at-Large Registration

Clicking the button below will take you to a form. After filling out that form, you will be redirected to a payment processing page. A credit card is required for the $100 annual fee.

After payment is confirmed, you will see a page with your receipt and your Membership ID number. You will also receive an email immediately with your Membership ID number, which will be required when applying for insurance.

Members-at-Large Registration Form